Top 4 Benefits of Smart Locks

Top 4 Benefits of Smart Locks

Top 4 Benefits of Smart Locks

Why smart locks? A study from Wakefield Research shows that 86% of millennial renters are willing to pay 20% more for a smart apartment. Renter preferences lean heavily toward convenience, integration and home automation.

AUTOMATION. Most commercially available smart locks offer integration with home automation devices such as smart thermostats, surveillance cameras and lighting.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. Gain insight into resident behavior through data. You will have records of ingress and egress and can gauge the use of facilities by time and popular days. Use the new information at your disposal to make data driven decisions.

CONVENIENCE. Simplify repairs, deliveries, and entry for service providers such as housekeeping and dog walkers. Grant remote entry and never unlock a resident’s unit again. Save costs on rekeying locks after each tenant move outs or evictions.

SAFETY. Smart locks streamline access control for your community. Change codes and controls regularly for increased security, or when residents move out. You can also restrict access to specific areas or lock down the entire community in the event of an emergency.

Reminder to Texas property managers when considering upgrades to unit entry locks to adhere to the “Texas Lock Laws” found in Texas Property Code Section 92, Subchapter D.

2019-09-25 20:30:00