Reusable Balloon Single Poles - All Colors

An easy and affordable way to attract more prospects-- helium free
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  • Use regular air to inflate vinyl balloons in seconds
  • UV-resistant vinyl won't fade or discolor--even red
  • Seamless construction doesn't leak
  • Theft-resistant locks provide security
  • Exclusive 3-month guarantee
As low as $33.00 each

Create a parade of eye-catching vinyl balloons waving in the wind. Guide prospects to your leasing office door. Dress up signage to differentiate yours from nearby properties. And do it all within budget! Choose from 17 vivid colors to match a logo, seasonal theme, or local team colors. Reusable vinyl balloons are affordable, easy-to-use marketing tools that save time, save money and deliver more prospects to your doorstep. "I saved $1,364 by switching from helium balloons to these reusable vinyl balloons from Great American." --Mary, Clermont, FL Our innovative vinyl balloons (aka permanent balloons) inflate in seconds, then stay inflated for months. Seamless construction eliminates leaks so balloons stay inflated longer. And no expensive helium required. Exclusive theft-resistant locks secure vinyl balloons to stem so they don't get stolen.

  • 17" diameter
  • 40"
  • Long-lasting UV-resistant vinyl won't fade, discolor or become brittle even in cold weather
  • 48" high; rust-proof anodized aluminum
  • 40"; durable, flexible fiberglass
  • 23 1/2" for in-ground stability; durable fiberglass
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