What Our Customer Are Saying


"Ordering from Great American is one of the easiest parts of my day!

It generally takes me less than five minutes to place an order, and Great American always has our information available. In short, ordering from Great American is one of the easiest parts of my day!"

- Amy Irwin
Lexington, KY

The G163 parking violation really works!

The big green stickers are a deterrent against people parking where they’re not suppose to! The stickers have cut the amount of cars we have to tow to almost none! The parking violation stickers help us to consistently enforce our parking policies and to ensure compliance.”

- Curt Blankenship
Huntsville, AL

"We like the Static Cling Permits (482) because they don't damage the cars.

When we say the parking permit is a clingy plastic and not a permanent sticker, everyone is pleased!"

- Monica Williams
San Clemente, CA

"We’ve gone from about 25 tows a month on the average to none!

We pass out parking hang tags so we can identify cars, especially in the event of an emergency. Being in an area that gets a lot of snow, we have frequent snow emergencies, and we need to know whose car is parked illegally so we can deal with them individually and not have to tow. It’s much easier to have them move their car than to pay a towing company to move the car."

- Allan Ragsdale
Richfield, MN

""I have had fewer tows and everyone loves the new colors on the hang tags.

I ordered the yellow hanging tags and found them to be very durable and easy to track. It has eased the parking and allowed for more open spots. The shipping from your company was so fast, we were able to hand out the permits earlier and easier than expected!"

- Kelly Branom
Laguna Niguel, CA